Marketing resume guidelines

Your marketing resume is your opportunity to promote your unique brand to your prospective employer.  It’s time to market yourself, and this is probably going to be the most important marketing document you ever create!

However this doesn’t mean that you need to stray too far from the norm. People have come to expect resumes to follow a fairly standard format, and deviate too far from this and you may risk your resume ending up in the trash! (more…)

How to determine, and demonstrate, your objective for your resume

When a potential employer prepares to take a look at your resume, the question at the top of the list is often “What is the motive of this candidate?”.  Don’t make them guess, or wade through the whole resume, to get an idea of this.  Tell them the objective for your resume, and tell them right away. (more…)

What to wear to your interview

So, your resume was successful in piquing your potential employers’ interests, and now you’re on track for an interview.

You’ve overcome the biggest hurdle by getting an invitation to meet people you could eventually be working with. This is your opportunity to show them why you’re the best new team member they’ll ever have.


So, what’s the first thing they’re going to notice as you walk into the room? Yes, it’s what you look like!

Now, what to wear! Of course, it’s an interview, so you want to be well put together.  But this is marketing, right, so you want to show that you’ve got an edge.  So, here are some ideas:

  • wear something classic and somewhat conservative. This will show that you take the interview seriously.
  • add something ‘current’ and ‘happening’. You want to show that you’re up with the trends and know how to use them successfully.
  • women can make somewhat of a statement with jewelry. You can still be professional while incorporating something a little ‘out there’. Don’t be afraid of a little ‘bling’, but do choose carefully.
  • carry your documents in something professional and hip. Don’t feel obliged to carry a traditional briefcase – these days there are lots of crossover models available! Messenger bag briefcases don’t stray too far from the traditional, and also give a message that you haven’t been left behind!
  • check your hair! Don’t go into an interview with hair that needs a trim, or a color touch-up.
  • put that perfume or cologne back. Don’t even go there! More and more people are finding other people’s scents either annoying or downright obnoxious. And there’s a chance that you may be meeting with someone who has a genuine allergy. This is one risk you really don’t want to take.
  • for the guys, you need to be aware that if you have facial hair it can make as much of an impact as your shoes, clothes and man bag combined!  If you’re not clean shaven, make sure that your whiskers are as much as a fashion statement as the rest of you!
  • pay attention to your shoes (and your socks!). Women are usually aware of this, but sometimes men can overlook the importance of shoes. They may be way down there at the bottom, hiding under the cuff of your trousers, but sit down and cross your legs without the benefit of a desk or a table and see what people are looking at!

So that’s it! In a nutshell, a little conservative to show that you take the interview seriously, a little ‘out there’ to show that you have some creative flair and aren’t afraid to show it. And pay attention to the details; your interviewers may not notice that you have, but they certainly will if you haven’t.